Month: May 2018


This is for the people looking for a sensitive, emotional, yet powerful musical melodies to fill the room. A piano in a room is a classy addition to your event to indulge your senses with great music.  


Fill your event with bright, mellow and the rich qualities of the sound of the flute. Its humming sounds ease your crowd perfectly, when combined with the piano sound.  


Perhaps the most melodic, versatile and diverse music melodies can be produced through the guitar. It can be the life of the party or the instrument that puts your audience in a chill mood.  


Jazzy all the way, the instrument keeps your mood swinging in the right directions toward positive sound experience. Saxophone players provide your event with a bright, vibrant and smooth music, to enjoy.  


When a violinist draws a bow across the strings, a wave of electrifying-smooth melodies travels through the room for the amusement of your crowds. We have modern electric violinists to keep your crowd moving and classical violinists to add a classy look and feel to your event.  


Blissful sounds of moving strings and classy musical players are the addition you need for a formal event that needs a touch of chic.  

Face Painting

It’s time to give your kids fun, unforgettable childhood memories; weather your child wants to transform into their favorite superhero, Disney character, animal or even if they want to turn into a funny emoji. We have the right artist to paint a happy smile into your kids’ day.