art shows

Bubbles show

It’s time to give your kids fun, unforgettable childhood memories; wheather your child wants to transform into their favourite superhero, Disney character, animal or even if they want to turn into a funny emoji. We have the right artist to paint a happy smile into your kids’ day.  


A picture is worth a thousand words, we have the top caricature artists around to put your top facial and personal features into a quick drawing, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a line of people waiting to be drawn.  

Fire Dance Show

A dance show, that will spark the fire of excitement as soon as it starts. Everything can go wrong within a split second and that’s what keeps it interesting especially in nighttime outdoor events due to its visual and emotional appeal.

Sand art show

It takes grains of sand and wind to make vast sand dunes, now Imagine an artist working with sand on a piece of lit glass to be shown in the event projector, sand art is not just one drawing it’s a story in the making that will keep the audience captivated and mesmerized with possibilities …

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