We put your idea into a living reality, to be experienced and remembered by your audience.

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Event setup


We are one of the best providers of event setup services in Egypt, our team collects your event theme brief, then we propose a state of the art 3D model of the venue setup, which reflects your brand elements in a life-sized fashion, we produce the proposed design in a time efficient manner with the highest quality.

Our event planning and production team puts your idea into a living reality to be shared and remembered by your audience, we do so, by mapping out the finest details that will occur in the medium.

we draft the floor plan, model finished production in a 3D form to keep all stakeholders informed with the road map towards finished production. We put into account; exits, ceiling heights, attendants' traffic pathways, branding, and every detail that considers planners, organizers, production partners, speakers, and attendants.

In brief, we put your strategy into cost effective plan of action that will lead to flawless production to make the event resonate in your audience mind.

Our event production services include:

    • Budget planning
  • Floor planning and 3D modeling
    • Health and safety planning
    • Security planning
    • Logistics management
    • Setup production
    • Setup removal
    • Team scheduling

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